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The Super Happy Sketchbloggy of HATE!!1! :D:D:D
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Welcome to this little art community. any and all art, fan and original, is welcomed here, but there's only 3 rules to go by:

1. no flaming. o.o We dun want nunna yer govermnent candy! *whap!*

2. being if your server lets you, you can post the images directly on the journal, but if the picture's very large, or takes a long time to load, then either put it on an lj-cut tag or just link to the URL. i say anything over 75K would be considered large, but i'm not setting limits here. :P

3. The lj-cut/url linking rules also apply to any artwork that goes beyond a PG-13 rating. if it's such, please leave a warning for the weaker beings.

-- community maintained by cammiluna.